2006 Short Film Competition Winners

The China-America Festival of Film and Culture (CAFFC) announced the winners of its second annual short film competition. This year’s winning entries once again exemplified superior filmmaking technique, while exploring universal human relationships in cross-cultural contexts. We wish to thank those who participated in the competition.

Top Winners

Joe Turner Lin, "Seibutsu" (Columbia University)
Justin Bull, Nicolas Emiliani, "HOMEFRONT" (American Film Institute Conservatory)
Ming Kai Leung, "Two Girls" (Columbia University)

The biographies of the Top Winners as well as the synopses of their short films can be found at the CAFFC website.

Honorable Mentions

  • Bogdan George Apetri, “Crossing”  (Columbia University)
  • Vicente Gonzalez, “51st State” (University of North Carolina Greensboro)
  • Michael Goldstrom, , “Press 2 or Say ‘2’ “, independent filmmaker

The three Top Winners will each receive a $500 cash award and an invitation to be members of an American delegation traveling to Beijing, China in mid- May to interact with their counterparts in China. A private screening and award reception will be held in front of international film professionals at Hart Center in Beijing.

In September, the winners will again have the opportunity to have their films screened, this time at the China-America Festival of Film and Culture, held in Richmond, Virginia. This Festival will celebrate modern China and will feature films and scholars from China and the United States discussing the various diverse aspects of Chinese film and culture.

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