Media Delegation Agreement with CAIFC

The Rose Group has entered an agreement to partner with China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC) to have bi-lateral exchange of media delegation on an annual basis. A five-member American delegation will be selected from the fields of film as well as media (TV, print, radio or internet) to go to China in April for a two-week visit and interaction with their Chinese counterparts. Beijing, Shanghai and another city will be on the agenda to give the group a comprehensive impression.

The Chinese delegation will be in the U.S. during the China-America Festival of Film and Culture held in Richmond, Virginia ( September 28-October 1), as well as major cities in the East Coast.

The program is designed to provide participants a glimpse of how the systems in the respective hosting country work, the people involved as well as in the cultural and educational context instead of from political or commercial points of view.

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