Learning and Thinking about China, a booklet about China and its Culture

This second edition of Learning and Thinking about continues our goal of introducing the culture of China to the general public, including teachers and students. The opening and closing essays, by Dr. Bates Gill and Dr. David Finkelstein, respectively, illuminate the cross-cultural thrust initiated by The Rose Group in 2003. These two experts, whose comprehensive knowledge of China is respected around the world, offer an enlightened overview of China new and old, strong and weak, progressive and challenged. Between these two offerings with their global perspectives, the booklet presents a series of essays dealing with crucial aspects of Chinese culture: philosophy, art, festivals, medicine, education, history and geography.

In this new edition, we hope to achieve a balance of expert testimony, complex subjects, and an ingratiating writing style. If so, Learning and Thinking About China can serve not only as an introduction to cross-cultural Sino-American relations, but also as a handbook of continuing relevance to circumstances unfolding in the twenty-first century.


  • To Our Readers/Foreword ( excerpts from the original )
  • China’s Reawakening by Bates Gill
  • Traditions of Chinese Thought by Moss Roberts
  • A Brief Introduction to Chinese Art by Jason Sun
  • Timeline of Chinese History and Sino-American Relations
  • Map of China
  • Customs and Artifacts of the Major Chinese Festivals by Sally Yu Leung
  • Chinese Medicine by Amy Tseng and Bruce J. Ballon
  • In a Class of His Own by Fintan O’Toole
  • China, Uncertainty, and the United States by David Finkelstein
  • Books, Publications and other Resources

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