Learning and Thinking about China, a booklet about China and its Culture

Learning and Thinking about China is The Rose Group’s first attempt at publication. Our aim is to introduce China and its culture to the general public as well as to the students in secondary schools across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

China’s emerging status on the world stage and its relationship with the United States will impact every aspect of our lives here in decades to come. In our view, it is of utmost importance that the American public, especially the younger generation, learn more about China’s history, core values, traditions and philosophy so as to develop a true understanding and an appreciation of this oldest civilization. We hope that our humble endeavor may stimulate thought and interest among readers who will then thirst for learning more.

The English title, courtesy of Professor Moss Roberts at New York University, derives from a phrase by Confucius, “Learning without thinking will confuse you; Thinking without learning is dangerous."

Everyone who attends our events will get a complimentary copy of this full-color twenty- page booklet, as part of our public service efforts.

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