2008 Fourth Annual Cross-Cultural Short Film Winner Ori Amitay


Ori Amitay Director

Born in 1976, Ori grew up in the small village of Ma'ale Gamla in the Golan Heights until the age of 18. He served in the IDF as a fighter in the "Nahal" Corps. After his military service, Ori went onto studying stills photography which led him to exposing his works in two exhibitions in Northern Israel. Thereafter, he moved to Tel Aviv to study Film & Television at Camera Obscura School of Art. During his third year at film school, Ori began working as a cameraman for Independent producers. Ori's final project for film school, a short film entitled "Chakalaka", has been circulating international film festivals in the United States, Germany, Poland,France and Israel. Today, Ori's company, Orisun Productions, directs and produces promotional clips and commercials for television and short films.



Avner, a 30-year old policeman, lives with his elderly grandmother. She is cared for by Noi, an illegal immigrant, with whom Avner is having a clandestine affair. His partner, Nathan, finds out about it. The affair and its having been kept a secret drive him to alienate the two. Once Avner realizes he can no longer remain oblivious to reactions of people around him, he begins to seriously examine his true and sincere feelings. He is forced to confront an unexpected reality. Ultimately, Avner, who had believed in a formula that would reconcile between opposites, finds himself deprived of virtually everything.

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