To recognize the growing importance of Sino-American relation is the key to the benefits of people in both countries as well as lasting peace in the world. We feel that it is critical to provide channels for greater understanding and interaction among the media professionals and future leaders, such as college students, in the United States and China. Being a non-profit entity, we can go beyond ideological and political divides and be a conduit for cross-cultural exchange. Below is a list of specific objectives we wish to accomplish:

Encourage filmmakers and audiences alike both in United States and in China to think cross-culturally, to appreciate the diversity in our cultures, and to understand our shared humanity despite the different outer appearance, languages, and ethnicity
Identify alliance, partners, and sponsors who believe in our mission and will help us to develop programs that will serve greater good on a sustainable basis
Establish on-going bilateral exchanges among the American journalism/film/media professionals and their Chinese counterparts as well as facilitate and implement programs for the visiting guests to experience how the system works in the respective host country, to get a sense of the real people in real life situation, and to build friendships and possible future collaboration
Develop programs with the hosting organizations and the universities to stimulate discussion and discourse on college campuses and to the general public as well
Build and secure reliable funding structure and strengthen continued success with key alliance to develop and execute the programs
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